The long lost grave of a true World War One Hero and it has been found . The grave stone had fallen and  the grave was in a poor condition.   The grave has been repaired and it will be re dedicated at a small ceremony in the very Old Church of Ireland cemetery, which is located  just of Main Street in Newport, county Mayo.

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Distinguished World  War  One  Pilot

Major Thomas Falcon Hazell, DSO.MC. DFC & BAR. 

Will   be  remembered  in  Burrishoole, 

Church of Ireland, Cemetery in Newport,

at 2.30pm on Monday the 4th  of August 2014.

Major Thomas Falcon Hazell, DSO, M.C. DFC and Bar, was a native of  Roundstone, County Galway.  He  was  born 7th of August 1892, he died 4th September 1946.

He was a very highly decorated fighter pilot with the Royal Flying Corps, during first world war, in fact he was said to be the 5th most successful ace scoring 43 victories, and he was the 3rd most successful Irish pilot and he was the only one of those to actually survive the war.

On the outbreak of war in August 1914, Thomas junior enlisted as a humble trooper in the South Irish  Horse,  a  yeomanry regiment which had gained a dubious fame as the model for Percy French’s song, Slattery’s Mounted Foot. Tom was, no doubt, one of the stout gosoons, swinging down from the mountain, no doubt nursing his Lee Enfield by the butt as he marched along to patriotic tune. Be that as it may, life in the ranks was mercifully short; within the month Tom had been identified as a POM, “potential officer material”.

Commissioned into the 7th Inniskillings, Tom set sail for Flanders, just in time to arrive for the that unspeakably murderous encounter, the First Battle of Ypres. A series of weary blood baths followed in which Tom played his part to the full.Loos, Aubers Ridge, Festubert, and the Somme, all took their toll on the idealistic youngsters who, who like Tom, had stormed his Majesty’s recruiting offices in August 1914.

By 1916,  enough was enough and  Tom volunteered and was accepted for flight training with The Royal Flying Corps.

He became one of the most famous of the early flying aces of world war one  before subsequently joining the newly formed Royal Air Force.

He died in Ireland in 1946.

His grave was located a few months ago, in the Old Burrishoole, Church of Ireland  Graveyard, this is located just off Main Street in Newport Town, County Mayo.  

The years had taken a heavy toll on it the headstone was broken.  It  was decided  to repair and upgrade the grave, in order to have  it unveiled  at 3pm on Monday the 4th of August the actual 100th anniversary of the war.

The grave  restoration work  was organised by the Secretary of the Mayo Peace Park, Michael Feeney M.B.E. & Major Noel Coghlan Brussels / Dublin made a contribution to cover the cost of this work.  Thanks is expressed  to Valerie Chambers & her husband John Loftus  who brought the grave to his  attention.

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Google his name and look at his career & war record, to  fully appreciate  how daring & brave this great man was.


It is fitting that his grave will be rededicated on the exact anniversary of world war one .


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